Preconstruction Management

Holland’s preconstruction management services provide clients with the advantages of early stage involvement and guidance ensuring that high quality projects are completed with a minimal number of changes, reduced construction time and greater cost savings. Our project team works closely with the designers from the outset so that decisions made in the planning stages are properly implemented throughout all construction phases.

Holland’s in-house experts provide input so critical items such as mechanical and electrical systems, foundations, structural detailing, scheduling and purchasing are proactively addressed before construction starts. This preconstruction guidance on pricing, scheduling, materials, building systems and construction methods deliver projects of optimal value for clients.

Preconstruction services include:

  • Budgeting
  • Value engineering
  • Scheduling M.E.P. systems analyses/selection
  • Quality Control Program
  • Construction document review/coordination
  • Permit coordination/expedition]
  • Identification and purchase of long-lead items
  • Life-cycle cost analyses
  • Analysis of labor, subcontractors, material availability and quality
  • Site investigations
  • Site management planning

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